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Showcasing The Images of Larry Barsh

Showcasing The Images of Larry Barsh

Showcasing The Images of Larry BarshShowcasing The Images of Larry Barsh

Commission Art

AdLIB Design now accepts commissions to turn your photographs of your grandchildren, relatives, friends, pets into beautiful art for your home or as gifts.

Images are available on canvas or metal in (almost) any size to fit your needs.  Examples of various styles are shown below.

Our current starter package includes a 16 x 20 canvas print (or smaller depending on format of original image) in ¾ inch depth stretcher for $275 and includes free shipping within continental United States.  Options include 1½ inch depth stretcher, frame or metal (quotes available.)

We need a sharp digital image in the highest resolution your camera or smartphone can manage. Please  respond  using  the  form  below. Please send the image with to libarsh@gmail.c0m.

(Style used here was Urban Art.) 


Recent Additions to our styles

Modern Graphic


Modern graphic styles combines a vector-style illustration with angled brush strokes. The style is available in black and white or color with your choice of color background.



Great for an action photo of a grandchild, a pickle ball expert or an exciting new sports car.. Style is available with different color options 

Grunge Art


Grunge art is a painterly style. The image is a toned black and white with a colored light-leak effect.



The Sandstorm style is a surreal effect that imparts motion and power. This style is available in color or black and white.

Examples of the styles we can create

Urban Art


One of our most popular transformations, urban art creates a contrasty, stylized grungy image with a variety of paint effects.

Action Hero


Action Hero is a fun transformation turning an image of you or grandchild into a movie-like superhero.

Mystical Portraits


Mystical portraits separate the subject from a distracting background creating a dreamy atmosphere perfect for a portrait.



Fragmented images create a shattered glass effect that is great for dynamic photographs of people in action.



Aquarelle images are a combination of watercolor and sketch on a beautiful paper-like texture background.

Beautiful Disaster


Disaster images are more daring than other effects with paint drips, palette knife effects and multiple splatter effects.



Conversion of your photograph can create a painterly effect that looks like an oil painting when printed on canvas.

Color Atmospheres


Color atmospheres are subtle transformation of your photograph (or one of our modifications)  



Dualightly enhances the lighting effect of the subject in the photograph. We can add this effect to your photo or one that we created.

Powder Paint


Powder paint creates a oil-like transformation of your photograph with a powdery-soft effect on the subject and around the edges.

Contact Us

Introduce yourself and tell us what style you are interested in

Please send the  high resolution image with  This is a free service and will allow you to send a high image that is not altered by email.  Please send to me at libarsh@gmail.c0m.