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Showcasing The Images of Larry Barsh

Showcasing The Images of Larry Barsh

Showcasing The Images of Larry BarshShowcasing The Images of Larry Barsh

Your Room

It's Hard to Know...

It's hard to picture what any image will look like in your room. We understand and are happy to help.

We’ve got an easy solution!

With the link below, simply take or upload a well-lit image of your blank wall (horizontal format) including some furniture and floor to the top of the wall. Send it with the link below with the number of the image you are interested in, to us and we will return a picture of your room showing you how the wall will look.  Give us an idea of the size of the print in comparison to the furniture and make any other comments you would like to include.

This will be an estimate of course but it will give you an idea of how the image will look in your room.

We need a sharp digital image in the highest resolution your camera or smartphone can manage. Please  respond  using  the  form  below.  Once  we  receive  your  inquiry,  and  after  confirming  your  identity  for  security  reasons,  we  will  respond  with  an  email  address  to  which  you  can  email  an attached  image.

We will get back to you with your room design within 48  hours.


Contact Us ABout displaying an image in your room

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